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Citizen Skyhawk Watches

The Citizen Skyhawk watch is top of the line technology that includes many of the latest technological advances.

One of the most interesting features of the Citizen Skyhawk is the Eco-Drive caliber light powered quartz movement. Basically, this means it uses the latest technology to use light to charge. It can use natural outdoor sunlight, or indoor “man made” light. So , wherever you are, it is constantly charging itself.

Other features of the Citizen Skyhawk is the water resistance for scuba diving up to 660 feet under water.

There are many other features of this watch, and once again, this is another product of the many on this site that have outstanding amazon reviews.
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blue angel citizen skyhawk watch


This one is very similar to the one shown above, but this is the blue angel Citizen Skyhawk watch. It charges in the light both indoors and outdoors.  On a full charge you will get approximately between 180 days and 3 months. From completely dead it would take 150 hours to fully charge using only incandescent light. Using outdoor light in cloudy skies, it would take about 60 hours, and very sunny days would charge it in around 20 hours. Either way, it is wonderful technology for anyone who does a lot of camping or hiking in remote locations for extended periods of time, and you will not need to worry about buying new batteries. Click the image for a lot more product details about this one or many other Citizen Skyhawk watches.

blue angels citizen skyhawk watch


This one is also a Blue Angels version of the Citizen Skyhawk line of watches. Except with this one, the band is not the rubber blue version, it is a standard metallic silver version. Another one that is water resistant up to a particular depth. In this case, you can go up to 200 meters. That translates to 660 feet in depth. The hands and various markers are all luminous, which makes it easy to see them in the dark. The glass is an anti reflective sapphire crystal. Automatic time keeping in 26 world cities, and it is radio controlled in North America, United Kingdom, Europe, Japan, and China. Click the image for a lot more product specifications and details about this one and many other Citizen Skyhawk watches. You will also be able to read a variety of customer feedback comments both good and bad.

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