City Select Baby Jogger Strollers


city select baby jogger strollers

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City Select Baby Jogger Strollers

The City Select Baby Jogger is incredible value for someone starting a family.
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This stroller is for people who think ahead when it comes to family planning. It is a great stroller for a single child, but it also comes with the ability to expand to a two child stroller with special attachments.

The city select baby jogger stroller can change into more unique positions than a transformer. 16 total positions to be exact. You can move the seat back and forth, and position the canopy based on weather needs.
See all the positions and other features here.

City Select Baby Jogger Stroller Pros

One thing about the City Select Baby Jogger that I really like is the hand brake up at the handle. Other strollers tend to have an unreliable and annoying foot brake.
Another really cool feature of the baby jogger stroller is the super easy collapsing and setup. You can fold it far simpler than any of the ones I have ever owned.

Even if you only have one child, this is a great product worth the price, but if you have more than one child, it can become even more wise on the budget.

City Select Baby Jogger Stroller Cons

Most people had a positive experience with this this product. However, there were a couple negative things pointed out. For one thing, these are apparently not compatible with the Graco Click Connect car seats. I was unaware that this was an issue at all, but apparently this has caused a problem for some people. Another customer mentioned a strong smell of moisture upon receiving the stroller. I am not sure if this is a one off issue pertaining to that particular shipment, or if it is a common occurrence. You can read through all the reviews and judge for yourself.


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More City Select Baby Jogger Stroller Accessories
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city select jogger stroller tray


You can also buy accessories separately for the City Select baby jogger strollers. One thing you can buy is a tray and cup holder like the one one you see pictured here.

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