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Cleopatra costumes

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Cleopatra Costume

You can get the Cleopatra Costume in various styles and sizes. You can browse all available types by clicking through the following link:
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The Cleopatra Costume shown here is the child’s size traditional style white Cleopatra Costume. It comes in other age sizes as well.
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Cleopatra Costume Pros: 

Tons of customer reviews, which means many people have experience buying and using this exact product. The overall average seems very high, but you can read the reviews for yourself.

Cleopatra Costume Cons: 

Buying costumes online require that you do a good job of measuring the body first, so make sure you are careful with measuring and ordering.

More Cleopatra Costumes
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adult cleopatra costume


Very similar to the child version of the Cleopatra costume discussed above, this one is the adult version. This one includes the headpiece, dress, cape, wrist cuffs, and the collar. You can order this one and wear it as is, or you could find other Cleopatra costume accessories from this same source and piece something together to your specific preferences. For example, instead of the headpiece, perhaps you could buy a Cleopatra wig. Click the image you see here for more details and to read through the various customer feedback comments.

queen of the nile cleopatra costume black


If black is more your color, you could take a look at his Cleopatra costume option shown here. They actually refer to this one as the Egyptian queen of the nile adult costume, but we all know who they are talking about. This is the same basic format as the ones shown in the above images, in that it comes with a head piece, neck piece, the cape, and of course the black dress with attached belt. Click the image for a lot more information and customer reviews for this one and others.

cleopatra costume wig black


If you don’t need to purchase a complete Cleopatra costume, you can also get individual accessories from this same source. One example is the black Cleopatra wig you see here. Make your Egyptian queen costume much more realistic with a wig like this one. Read more about it by clicking the image.

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