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clip on ties

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Clip on Ties

The easiest way to tie a tie is by buying Clip on Ties. Especially for kids. You can find many colors and styles of Clip on Ties for kids and for adults through the following link:
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As for the Clip on Ties you can see over to the left, these are a very popular and highly rated example of of Clip on Ties. These ones are for youngsters, and are made by a company called Cookie’s Brand. Most of the customer reviews were very positive on this particular product.
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Clip on Ties Pros: 

Very positive customer reviews and feedback. Just clip on and go. No need for fancy knots and loops.

Clip on Ties Cons: 

Although the majority of reviews are positive, there was a mention that these exact ties were maybe noticeably clip on. I would think that wouldn’t be as much of an issue if it is for a child, but I will let you be the judge of that. You can read all reviews on this particular product or other similar ties for both children and adults through any of the links on this page.

More Clip on Ties
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poly solid clip on ties


Clip on ties are not just for small children’s bow ties. You can get full length ties with the clip on feature that have the appearance of a standard tie. These are known as poly solid clip on ties. They are pre tied ties that are all one solid color. The one shown here is the dark brown tie, but they also come in red or white. Click the image for more details on these ones or to browse through a whole host of other clip on ties.

thick stripe microfiber clip on tie


You can also get different styles and designs of tie besides solid colors when it comes to the clip on concept. Clip on does not have to mean cheap looking and basic. This is another example of a pre tied tie, but this one is a microfiber material with a thick striped pattern. Here you can see the black version, but this exact same tie also comes as lime colored, or white colored stripes. Check them all out and read customer reviews and comments by clicking the image seen here.

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