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The Clothes Brush you see here is one of the coolest ones I have seen. It has three purposes. It is a brush on one side, a lint remover on the back side, and the handle doubles as a shoe horn.
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As for the Clothes Brush depicted here, there are many positive customer reviews that you can read through for yourself. As I mentioned above, you get 3 different functions all in one. Reasonably priced for what you get.


 Some people reported that the bristles were not the highest quality. You can judge for yourself by reading all reviews and product descriptions through the links on this page.

babyliss pro garment brush

This garment brush here is among the highest i positive customer review ratings. The Babyliss Pro 13 inch clothes brush is designed for professional use. Many barbers and hair stylists use this type of brush in a professional and commercial setting. If this brush can handle the job of removing hair from clothes fresh after a haircut, then certainly it can be used for just about any purpose you had in mind for it. Click the image for more information and to read the customer review comments.


magic lint fluff dust remover

A less expensive option is this pet hair, dust, and lint remover device. This upholstery or clothes brush is good for a variety of general purposes. It features a swiveling brush pad that allows for a more consistent stroking action when going around odd shaped surfaces and fitting contours better. See more images or read more about this clothes brush by clicking the picture you see here.

konex handcrafted clothes brush


For a non traditional handled clothes brush, you could look to designs such as this one you see here. This garment brush is the Konex handcrafted clothes brush. You may find that you get a better hand grip with this handle style rather than the usual long handle style of most brushes. The positive customer review ratings on this exact clothes brush are plentiful. Read all customer review comments, see more pictures, or get more detailed product information about this brush and others by clicking the image.

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