Clown Masks


clown masks

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Shown here is just one type of Clown Mask you can get from this source. Don’t worry, there are many other styles that are not so creepy looking if that’s not what you were looking for. See all kinds of Clown Mask options through the following link:
Browse all Clown Mask options here.

This Clown Mask is the creepy overhead Insano mask. Frightening smile complete with disgusting looking rotting teeth. Other clown mask options can be browsed through aside from this one, but this mask had some good reviews.
Read more about it or buy it here.


Good reviews and very frightening. This source also has a whole lot of clown mask styles to check out to get the right one for you. Do that through the provided links seen on this page.


 Obviously if you were searching for a regular or silly clown mask for Halloween or kids parties, you would have terrible results with this mask. Click through the links on this page to browse all mask options from this source.

fonzo the clown masks

Another very detailed, and therefore disgustingly creepy clown mask is this Fonzo the clown latex Halloween mask. With any of these scary clown masks, you can be very imaginative with the rest of the costume below the neck. Let the dark side of your brain get creative and top it all off with one of these ridiculous masks. These are designed to be a standard one size fits most teens and adults.

The latex makes the mask very lightweight, so they are not as heavy as they appear in the picture. You may be used to holding a heavy rubber mask, but these are apparently much lighter. I especially like the short burning cigar coming out of the mouth. He could also be nicknamed the halitosis clown in my opinion because he looks like he must really stink when he breathes, and maybe he does, depending who is wearing it.


rubies siamese clown masks

The same manufacturer that makes the clown masks discussed above also makes this one here. No, this is not photo-shopped, and no the mask did not melt to another one in manufacturing. This is the Siamese clown mask. Double the creep factor with these masks. See more images and product details by clicking the picture.

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