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Cocktail Set

Seen here is an example of available Cocktail set options available. There are many more than just this one. See all Cocktail Sets and kits through the following link:
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This Cocktail Set has a ton of positive customer review ratings. Known as the Oggi Pro. It is a Stainless-Steel 10-Piece Cocktail Shaker and Bar Tool Set. Comes with a double jigger, and a two piece glass and stainless shaker set. Also includes a bottle opener, cocktail strainer, tongs, stirrer, and a lemon + lime slicing knife.
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Cocktail Set Pros:

 Great positive customer reviews. Many other sets to choose from. Comes with a wide range of pieces for your bar.

Cocktail Set Cons: 

You may not need all those pieces. If you just need a basic mixer set, you can also find smaller and cheaper options through the same source.

More Cocktail Sets
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win ware boston cocktail set


This one is the Win-ware Boston cocktail shaker gift set. It comes with everything you see pictured here which includes a 30 ounce Boston shaker and glass, a 4 pronged Hawthorn strainer, a bar spoon with masher, and a wooden muddler for crushing fruit. All of these items are enclosed inside of a fancy gift box so it can be presented as an elegant gift. This kit also comes with pocket sized booklets with drink recipes. For more product details and pictures, or to read customer review comments, simply click on the image.

libbey cool cocktails mixologist set


This cocktail set is a 9 piece drink mixologist set. They call this kit the Libbey cool cocktails mixologist set. The 9 piece include one 2 ounce clear shot glass, a 20 ounce clear mixing glass, a metal strainer, a long spoon, a wooden muddler, a shaker, and more. To see more details and to read customer comments, simply click on the image to get started.

professional bar cocktail set


This cocktail set is actually a very inexpensive way to get a number of common bar tools for more than just cocktail making. It comes with many of the common cocktail making supplies as discussed in the above products and kits. This is an 8 piece kit and you can read more about it and others by clicking the image seen here.

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