Coleman Dual Fuel Stove

coleman dual fuel stove

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Coleman makes a variety of camping stoves, and the one you see here is just one example of a Coleman dual fuel stove. Browse through a wide selection of camp stoves and find the right one for you through the following link:
…Browse All Coleman dual fuel stoves here.

The Coleman dual fuel stove shown here is a two burner style camp stove. They also make dual fuel single burner camp stoves as well. Both options have great customer feedback reviews. In both cases, the “dual fuel” is a choice between unleaded gasoline or the Coleman fuel. As a side note, the Coleman fuel is a petroleum naphtha historically known as “white gas”.

In the case of the two burner dual fuel stove shown above, one burner is 7500 BTU while the other burner is 6500 BTU, so you can cook two different things simultaneously. Boil a quart of water in 4 minutes.
…More details about this 2 burner Coleman dual fuel stove here!


Pros: Coleman is a well known and well respected brand in camping supplies, and the Coleman name has become synonymous with camping stoves and heaters. Bunches of positive customer reviews you can read through. Many different styles available aside from the one shown here.

Cons: The majority of reviews are positive, however a few negative comments were made regarding difficulties in setting it up and the lighting process. Read all reviews good and bad through any of the links on this page.



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