College Dorm Room Bedding

dorm room bedding

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You can find all kinds of college dorm room bedding options besides the example you see in the image above, available from this source. I selected this specific example out of of many. Browse through all the college dorm bedding and accessories by clicking through the following link:
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The college dorm room bedding set shown above is a 30 piece kit including more than just the bedding itself. This set is available in different colors, styles, and bed sizes aside from the navy blue version shown in the picture. Some of the items included with this 30 piece set, are the bedding pieces of course (blankets, sheets, pillows etc), as well as a set of towels, bed risers, a bed side storage unit, toothbrush holders, 2 laundry bags, and others. To see other items included, and to see more images and options, simply click the following link to get started:
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Pros: You get a lot of items in this kit that would be handy and useful for any college student. You can select from a range of styles and sizes. Most of the customer reviews were on the positive side for this exact set.

Cons: Most people were happy with this set overall, especially given the relatively low cost, however, a few people seemed disappointed with the quality of the material of the sheets and towels. Read all reviews good and bad and judge for yourself through the links provided on this page.



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