Compound Light Microscope


compound light microscope

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Compound Light Microscope

For school projects, home schoolers, and science geeks, a compound light microscope is a necessity for some, and a cool gift idea for others. Many types are available with a range of price ranges and features.
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The compound light microscope shown in the image here is the AmScope
40x-1000x Advanced Home School Student Widefield Biological Compound Microscope with Sturdy Metal Framework and All Optical Glass Lenses.
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Compound Light Microscope Pros: 

Very adequate for basic level needs like science projects, or just for a science nut to fool around and learn. Very decent considering the price range.

Compound Light Microscope Cons: 

Some versions of these home microscopes use a type of light that kills the very specimen you are trying to examine for the really strong zooms. You need to research the specific microscope for your particular need. Don’t just go with the lowest level one if you have sophisticated needs.

My Conclusion: These microscopes may not be the highest level machines like the multi million dollar ones at NASA or Pfizer labs, but for the price range, it would be a perfect fit for basic school projects or for educational purposes.

More Compound Light Microscopes
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omax led binocular compound microscope


This compound light microscope is the dual lens version, also known as the binocular version. This way you can use both eyes at the same time. They call this one the Omax lab LED binocular compound microscope with double layer mechanical stage and coaxial coarse with a fine focusing knob. This one has a 40x to 2000x range. Click the image to read all the specs and for much more product details.

amscope trinocular darkfield compound microscope


This compound light microscope will give you an idea of what you can expect to get when you shell out more money. This one is on the higher end of the cost scale, but therefore, also the quality end. The microscopes talked about above have either one or two eye lenses. This one has three. Therefore, this is called the AmScope trinocular darkfield compound microscope with a 30W light. This one will give you a 40x to 2000x range. Click the image for a lot more details and also to read customer feedback comments from people who have experience with this exact microscope.

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