Concrete Floor Grinders


concrete floor grinders

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Concrete Floor Grinders

The concrete floor grinder shown here is only one example of many available from this source. See all available concrete floor grinder machines and accessories through the following link:
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The Concrete Floor Grinder shown here is a very high end model. This one is the EDCO Dual-Disc Electric Floor Grinder 1.5 Horsepower 60 Hertz. These machines work very well, but they come at a hefty price. These are very expensive. You can see more details and images about this one through the following link:
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Concrete Floor Grinder Pros: 

Despite the size, these machines can be shipped right to you. The source is very reliable for secure online ordering. Very effective for floor polishing and leveling. This particular model is designed to avoid swaying side to side.

Concrete Floor Grinder Cons: 

Concrete floor grinder machines like this one are very expensive. Depends on your personal budget obviously. There are concrete grinders that are much cheaper and more portable from the same source, but I chose not to feature them because the customer reviews were very mixed and split down the middle. You can see them all and decide for yourself through any of the links on this page.

More Concrete Grinders
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husqvarna floor grinder


This one is around half the price of the floor grinder shown above, but it is from a very well know brand. That brand of course being Husqvarna. They call this the Husqvarna floor grinder 2 horsepower model. The Husqvarna floor grinder is able to fold away for easy storage. Click the image for much more images about this one and a variety of others.

electric dual head trac concrete floor grinder


This is another Husqvarna concrete floor grinder. This is good for grinding surfaces such as concrete slabs, ceramic tile floors, stone and terrazo. It comes with a variety of accessories such as discs and other surfacing tools. You can adjust the handle to maximize the comfort of the operator. It also includes a 3 inch diameter vacuum port to suck in all the dust while you work it. The actual working area at the bottom of the machine is 22 inches, so that gives you a rough idea of how much area you can cover at a given speed. Optional weights and water tank feature are also included with this machine. Click the image for a lot more specific details including how to buy one.

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