Copper Cookware


copper cookware

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Copper Cookware

Copper Cookware makes for a fantastic gift for the chef in your home.

You can find Copper Cookware sets that come in varying quantities of pieces and styles. Some of them are lined completely in copper, and some come as stainless steel exterior with copper lining on only the bottoms.

Not only are Copper Cookware sets appealing to look at, but the copper also creates a uniform heat conduction.
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The Copper Cookware set shown here is the Matfer Bourgeat 8 piece set. The exteriors are completely lined with copper, including the top sides of the lids. The stainless steel interior lining makes for simple clean up, and non stick cooking.

Copper Cookware sets are available in a wide range of designs and quality levels. This set shown here is a high end quality set, and you get what you pay for. There are also a fair amount of positive reviews for this particular set.
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More Copper Cookware options
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old dutch solid copper beating bowl


If you don’t require a complete set, or you wish to purchase individual copper cookware pieces, you can do that as well if you desire. You could even assemble your own set manually by selecting individual pieces. The one you see in this image here is the Old Dutch solid copper beating  bowl or zabaglione pan. This is copper all throughout, and the volume is 2 quarts. The claim is that certain foods prepared in copper cookware take on different properties than when prepared in pans that are not copper. For instance, beaten eggs will be foamier, and whipped cream would be airier. Click this image for much more details on this exact copper pot or to browse through other individual copper cookware.

copper cooking pot with lid


Here is another example of copper cookware that can be bought as an separate piece as opposed to being as part of a complete set. Seen here is a 12 quart cooking pot. In this case though, the pot is only copper on the outside of the pot and the outside of the lid. The interior of the pot, and the two side handles are not copper. Read more about this pot and others, as well as read customer review comments by clicking this image.

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