Cosco ladders


Cosco ladders

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Cosco Ladders

The Cosco Ladder comes in a variety of styles and models. You can find different versions of the step ladder or platform ladder like the one you see shown here. Cosco also makes multi use and standard ladders. Check out all Cosco Ladder models through the following link:
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The Cosco Ladder you see here is the Max Platinum Work Platform, 3-Step. The steps are slip resistant and it includes a platform:
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Cosco Ladder Pros: 

As far the exact Cosco Ladder depicted here, this Max Platinum 3 step ladder has some great positive customer reviews that you can read through. The steps are made from a slip resistant material for added safety.

Cosco Ladder Cons: 

The vast majority of the reviews are positive, but one customer mentioned that in the case of this exact ladder, it lacked slip resistant padding on the feet, therefore it moved around a bit on the bathroom floor. Read all descriptions and customer reviews and be your own judge. Do that through any of the links I have provided on this page.

More Cosco Ladder options
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worlds greatest multi use ladder


This Cosco brand ladder is a multi purpose ladder that can be interchanged to suit your needs. It will reach a height of 17 feet. As a step ladder it offers 5 different positions, as an extension ladder it will reach 10 heights, 10 positions as a stairway ladder, and lastly 3 heights as a scaffold. See more detailed information about this ladder and others by clicking the image.

cosco 3 step wooden rockford step stool


This wooden Cosco stepping stool is more than just functional. It is also designed for elegant decor around the house or office. It won’t just look like an ugly industrial ladder that belongs in the janitor’s closet. While it looks good, it also has some handy features. For one thing, it will fold up completely flat for easy storage in a closet or behind and under furniture. The top step gets locked into place for extra safety, and there is plenty of rail to hang onto for added balance and support. Read more about this Cosco step ladder and others by clicking this image.

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