CPAP Pillow

cpap pillow

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The CPAP Pillow shown here is just a sample of what’s available. Check out all sleep apnea pillow options through the following link:
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This example of a CPAP Pillow is the 5 Inch CPAP Pillow. It is good for clients over 200 lbs.
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 Decent customer feed back ratings and plenty of them. Read them all through the provided links. Obviously it makes wearing a CPAP mask much easier at night, so you are no longer limited to laying on your back. That may not be an issue for some people, but from personal experience, I sleep much better on my side.


 Everyone’s experiences are different, especially when it comes to sleep related issues. While most people who used this product had great results, there is no certainty for everyone. There is no guarantee that it will help you get a better sleep. The good news however, is that there are many sleep apnea pillow options available from the same source. Browse through them all and read all descriptions and reviews and make a wise decision for you.

bicor sleep apnea pillow

This CPAP pillow is the Bicor sleep apnoea pillow. It is uniquely designed with the apnea mask cut out on both sides so you can roll over and use either side. It also comes with a custom pillow case shaped the right way for this pillow specifically. Read more about this pillow and read through some good customer review comments by clicking the image.

memory foam cpap pillow

This CPAP pillow is a contoured memory foam pillow that is also designed to stay nice and cool. It comes with the pillow itself as well as the pillow case. You can choose between a standard or queen size version. These are specifically made to help relax the back, neck and shoulders. Click the image to see more details about this pillow and also to read through a bunch of customer feedback comments.


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