Cushion Cut Diamonds


cushion cut diamond rings

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Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion Cut Diamond Rings are available from this source in a wide range of styles and costs. The ring shown here is only one example. Check them all out through the following link:
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One of the best and highest in quality Cushion Cut Diamond rings is the one you see here. This ring is the Kobelli 1 1/4 ct Cushion-Cut Diamond 14k Gold Engagement Ring.
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Cushion Cut Diamond rings like this one shown can cost a pretty penny, but you can find cheaper ones as well. 

Cushion Cut Diamond Rings Pros: 

The cushion cut diamond ring shown here is very high quality and I really do trust the source it is coming from. A pretty good selection of similar rings to this one that are much less expensive.

Cushion Cut Diamond Rings Cons:

 Depending on your bank account, you might find this particular ring a bit on the costly side. Quality comes with a price, literally, and this one is very expensive. The good news is there are many others less expensive. Check them all out through the provided links on this page.

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More Cushion Cut Diamonds
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cushion cut diamond earrings


You can get the cushion diamond set in more than just rings. You can also get cushion cut diamond earrings such as the set you see in this image. The ones shown in this image are the white sapphire earrings, but you can also get these in ruby, emerald, or blue sapphire. Click this image for a lot more details and specification regarding these earrings and others. You will also find an array of customer reviews that you can read through to help you out.

platinum plated cushion cut cubic zirconia ring


Another option for you is this platinum plated cubic zirconia cushion cut ring. Not ideal for a fancy engagement unless it’s all you can afford, but it is a great inexpensive solution for the purpose of general looks. This one is sterlingyellow silver, but you can find others from this same source. Click the image here to see more information and costs of this particular ring, or to browse through a bunch of other cushion cut options.

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