Dimplex Fireplaces

dimplex fireplaces

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Dimplex fireplaces come in a variety of sizes and styles aside from the example you see above. To see all available Dimplex fireplaces, and other brands of faux fireplaces, click through the following link:
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I chose to feature the above Dimplex fireplace due to the many number of positive reviews. This one is easy to install. These fireplaces are more than just the realistic look of flames and logs. Using electricity, they also provide heat, which you can set, or keep the heat off if you wish. See more images, product details, and pricing information through the following link:
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Have a realistic fireplace in your home without the hassle of smoke, open flames, or the need to add real logs. The flames look real, and you can control the heat with a remote control. Many positive customer review. Many fireplace designs and sizes to select from.


 The vast majority of customer feedback comments are positive, but the handful of negative comments are mixed with various aspects not working. Some had issues with the heater not working, and some had issues with the remote not working. Read all reviews good and bad and decide for yourself. Do that by clicking any product links on this page.


dimplex wall mount fireplace


This example here is a wall mounted styled of fireplace from the Dimplex brand. They call this one the Dimplex Maddox Wall mounted fire place. This one also comes with a remote control so you can operate it from a comfortable distance. There is no glass front even though it looks like it. So the heat comes out through the front and warms you and the room up fairly good. You plug this into the wall and you can turn it on or off whenever you want.

Click the image of this fireplace to see a lot more details about this one or to browse through various other Dimplex fireplaces offered by this online source.


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