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disco lights

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Disco Lights

Disco lights come in all shapes and sizes for your disco needs. Get them for a large party, get them as a professional DJ, or just get them for your apartment or dorm room.

The Disco ball shown in the image on the left is the standard traditional ball and disco light you are used to finding in the movies and 1970s dance clubs.

However, you can find many types these days. You can get disco lights with multiple colors. Some disco lights spin around, and some are stationary. You can also get novelty disco lights for your desktop. Some are even USB accessible. Instead of listing every single model here, you should browse what’s available here:
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lumisource desktop disco lights ball


Find all kinds of disco balls and disco light options from this source, as they range from small fun sized versions all the way up to studio or DJ quality. The one you see pictured here is a smaller plastic tabletop or desktop disco ball. You simply plug it in and turn on the switch. The disco ball rotates and shines a light through variously colored holes in the black ball. This creates a fancy light show in the room. You probably would not get any use out of this in a large room or big party atmosphere, but it would be cool in a bedroom, dorm room, or small apartment. Read more about this disco light option and many others by clicking the link.

chauvet moonflower led light


Here is another example of a disco light creating device with plenty of positive customer reviews. These are relatively inexpensive, and though they may not be the highest quality available on the market, they will definitely do in a pinch. This particular disco light is the Chauvet LX5. You can select from a couple settings that allow you to have random patterns and colors, or you can have it correlate to the sound of the music. You can also adjust the sensitive it has to the sound. These will also hook up to other lights so you can create a daisy chain. See the colors and patterns it creates, and read more about these by clicking the image.

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