Dixie Cup Dispenser

dixie cup dispenser

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The above Dixie cup dispenser is the Dixie bath cup dispenser. Browse through all kinds of other types of Dixie cup dispensers and other dispensers through the following link:
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The Dixie cup dispenser you see above is a small bathroom style dispenser. Great for regular use in the washroom area or around the kitchen. You can use either 3oz or 5oz sized cups with this particular dispenser. This set comes with 20 of the 3oz cups. See more images and details about this Dixie cup dispenser and others through the following link:
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Pros: Mostly positive reviews. Handy and quick for bathroom or kitchen use when you just need a small drink or a mouth rinse. Easy to use for both kids and adults. May also be good for travel, such as camping.

Cons: The only complaint I could find at this moment, was the fact that it requires the use of both hands to operate the dispenser and get a new cup. Probably not a major issue for most people, but you can read all reviews and judge for yourself. Do that by clicking any of the links provided on this page.



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