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donation box

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Donation Box

Shown here is only one type of Donation Box you can get from this source. You will find a variety of dimensions and materials by clicking through the following link:
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Shown here is a Donation Box designed for the counter top and includes the key and lock you see in the image. It also allows for the display of a sign that slides in the display area at the top.
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Donation Box Pros: 

In regards to the Donation Box style depicted here, I like that it includes the lock and key and it is from a trusted source.

Donation Box Cons: 

While this particular box comes with lock and key, I think I would prefer something that could also anchor to the tabletop, or at least the option to do so. If that is not an issue you for you then you can disregard that comment. At the time of this writing, there are no customer reviews to read through on this product, which could be good or bad depending how you look at it. Read all product descriptions carefully before buying.

More Donation Box options
Clickable Images

black donation box


This donation box is very similar to the one seen above, however this one is not transparent. The one shown here is black and therefore more private as far as the contents are concerned. This donation box also features a locking mechanism and a sign holder. You can place any sign that fits into the square shown here. Click the image for more details and dimensions as well as to review customer comments.

safco steel donation box


This one can serve many different purposes outside of just use as a donation box. It is designed to be a lot more private and secure than the ones shown above. Includes a pair of keys for the owner, and a compartment for note pads, pamphlets or forms. It also includes labels to designate the box as a suggestion box, comments, or to be a safe secure key drop off box. They call this the steel Safco donation box. Read more details about this one or browse through a variety of other donation box options by clicking the image seen here or any of the images on this page.

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