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dovo straight razor

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Shown here is just one example of many types of Dovo Straight Razor blades available from this source. You can see more about this one or browse through many other straight blades and shaving accessories through the following link:
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This example of the Dovo Straight Razor is the Dovo Silver Shavette Satin Finish Straight Razor with the Red Holder-Matt Look. This razor has an aluminum carrier. See more images and specs through the following link:
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Plenty of good positive customer reviews which you can read through the links on this page. Relatively inexpensive. Ships internationally in many cases. High quality and well known brand in the industry. Many straight blade razor options to browse through besides just this one.


As I mentioned, it does ship internationally in some cases, but in some cases it may not. Check the shipping details for info on your exact country. If you are in the U.S. there should be no issues.

dovo blue shavette satin straight razor

This one is very similar to the Dovo straight razor shown above. The difference here is that this one is blue with a red holder. These are German Dovo solinger blue Shavette imported steel blade straight razors. Click the image for a lot more details about this one and a variety of others.


barber strop straight razor sharpener

Any straight razor requires a little sharpening here and there. The Dovo brand razors are no exception to this rule. A tried and true straight razor sharpening technique is the strop. You can find a variety of styles and sizes from this same source. As for the one seen here, this is the 2 inch by 20 inch razor sharpening strop. These are a leather constructed strap with a smooth side and a suede side. This particular version is a professional Barber shop strop. Read more about it and read the customer reviews by clicking the image you see here.

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