Drum Lamp Shades


drum lamp shades

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Drum Lamp Shades

I picked out this one style of available Drum Lamp Shades as an example. Many others are available besides this one. See them all through the following link:
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This example of Drum Lamp Shades is the off white Progress Lighting Shade 1 Inch Candle Chaser. See more images and details through the following link:
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Drum Lamp Shades Pros: 

A few good positive reviews on this particular lampshade. Many other styles, sizes and colors can also be found from the source.

Drum Lamp Shades Cons: 

While the reviews on this mostly lean positive, there are not a whole lot of reviews to go off of. If you are outside of the U.S. it may not ship to your location.

More Drum Lamp Shades
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normande lighting bell shade drum lamp shade


All kinds of drum lamp shades can be found from this source. Most of them are pretty standard and basic, but you can also find some unique and interesting lamp shade options as well. For instance, the lamp shade seen here is the Normande Lighting embroidered softback bell shade. It is technically a drum shade given the drum like rounded shape, but it is designed to be sunken in at the middle, hence the bell shape. This one has embroidered circular patterns on it, but there are others as well. This particular lamp shade is recommended for use with a lamp base of at least 21 inches tall. See more details about this one or other similar products by clicking the image. There, you will also find some very helpful customer feedback comments to read through to help you make a more informed buying decision.

navy dot drum lamp shade


This navy blue lamp shade with white dots may be more suitable for a boy’s room or a baby nursery room. Find this one or a variety of other similar drum lamp shades by clicking the image. There you will also be able to read customer review comments and much more product specifications.

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