Dual Alarm Clock


dual alarm clock

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Dual Alarm Clock

The Dual Alarm Clock is a simple concept that could potentially save your job some day. No more forgetting to change the time on the alarm clock from the previous setting. They come in many styles and price ranges.
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The dual alarm clock shown here is amongst the highest customer review ratings, but there are many to choose from. This one is the top selling Sony dual alarm clock.

Some of the features include 3 light settings from dim to bright. Alarm volume adjustment, battery backup and more.
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Dual Alarm Clock Pros: 

Two completely independent alarm settings, including the option of buzzer or music. For example, you could wake up for work to music, then later, your spouse wakes up to the buzzer. Whatever you want to do.

Many customer reviews have reported their appreciation of the lower end dimmer option. On most other alarm clocks, the lowest light display setting tends to be too bright for sleeping.

Automatically corrects for daylight savings.

Dual Alarm Clock Cons: 

Comes with a decent battery that lasts 250 days, but it is not a standard battery like a AA or D or something like that. It is a special Sony battery that may not be as easy to buy and replace as going to the corner store.

My Conclusion: The battery thing might be a bit annoying, but if it lasts the better part of a year and I only need to replace it very rarely (plus the fact that it is typically plugged into the wall anyway), it is definitely worth the money. The customer reviews are amazing, and it is a top seller, so it is very trustworthy. Many other types are available too.

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projection dual alarm clock


This dual alarm clock seen here is also a projection clock, which means it not only displays the time digitally as you would expect, it also projects the time to the wall or wherever you want to point it. There are several different projection alarm clocks besides this one, but this is the Electrohome USB charging version. See a lot more details about this dual alarm clock or browse through a variety of other options by clicking the image seen here.

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