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easton hockey sticks

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Easton Hockey Sticks

Here you can see only one example of Easton Hockey Sticks that are available. Check out all different styles and sizes through the following link:
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The example of Easton Hockey Sticks you are looking at here to the left is the Easton Stealth RS II Grip Intermediate Hockey Stick. The stick shown just happens to be left handed, but you can select right or left upon ordering. They also have this same stick in other lengths including the junior size. You can get this specific Easton stick in the curvature of Cammalleri, Iginla, Hall, or Heatley.
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Easton Hockey Sticks Pros: 

Choose any size, curvature, or hand upon ordering. This source is reliable. Many other Easton hockey sticks to choose from besides the one shown here.

Easton Hockey Sticks Cons: 

May not ship to your country if you are outside the U.S. See descriptions to find out for your location. No customer reviews to read at the moment which limits information to help you make a good buying decision.

More Easton Hockey Sticks
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easton v9 grip composite hockey stick


This Easton hockey stick option is much higher on the cost end of things. You can see that this is the left hand version, but of course you can also get this same one as a right handed stick. These are known as the Easton V9 grip composite intermediate stick. You can specify length and flex upon ordering. You can find less expensive Easton hockey sticks than this one here, but I figured it would be helpful to show you something on the high price end to demonstrate the quality difference from the low and high end of the quality and cost scale. Click the image to see more details and buying information about this Easton hockey stick and others.

easton stealth rs stick bag junior


If you are spending quite a bit of money on a new Easton hockey stick, you may want to consider extra protection for transporting your stick to and from games. Shown here is a junior size version of an Easton hockey stick bags. You can also get other sizes and types for your specific Easton stick. See more about this bag or browse through other similar hockey stick carrying bags by clicking the image seen here.

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