Edible Cake Decorations


edible cake decorations

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Edible Cake Decorations

Many options are available for buying Edible Cake Decorations. They work for toppings of cakes or cupcakes or whatever you need.
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The image above shows Butterfly Edible Cake Decorations for cakes or cupcakes. You can find hundreds of edible cake decorations, this is just one cool example based on the many positive customer reviews.

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More Edible Cake Decorations
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bees cakes decorations edible bumble bees


Shown here is a set of edible bumble bees. You would receive a set of 8 as you see in this picture. Use these on top of cupcakes or cakes. You can also use them the same way you would use a basic sugar cube. Place these in a cup of coffee or tea to sweeten it up. Click the image for a lot more details about these sugar bumble bees or to browse through a whole host of other edible cake decorations.

chocolate rocks edible cake decorations


Here is a very unique cake decorating idea. These look just like real rocks, but they are basically just rock shaped chocolate cookies. Great idea for any cake topper that requires and outdoors look to it. For example, these edible rocks might be perfect for a dinosaur themed cake. Spread the chocolate rocks around for an authentic outdoors look. Click the image you see here to get more information about the product itself or how to buy them. You will also come across many customer review comments that you can read through to give you a better understanding of the product.

sugar sheets edible cake prints


Seen here is a zebra print example of a product called Sugar Sheets. Sugar sheets are edible decorating paper that will make cake decorating very easy and quick. You can jazz up the look and feel of your cake or cupcake and shape it the same way you could with regular paper. For example you could make cut outs with presses like the one shown in the top left image of the package shown here. This is the zebra print, but it also comes in yellow stars, red swirls, pink hearts, green stripes, blue dots, black and white damask, various solid colors, and much more. Click this image to see all the patterns and colors available, and also how to buy them.

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