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embossing stamps

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Embossing Stamps

This Embossing stamp is one of several embossing tools available from this source. To see more details about this one or many others, please go through the following link:
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One quality example of an Embossing Stamp is the one you see here. This one is the Hand held Shiny EZ-Seal Personal Monogram Embosser.
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Embossing Stamp Pros: 

As far as the EZ seal Embossing Stamp shown here goes, it is relatively inexpensive, and covers all basic embossing needs. The customer review ratings mostly lean positive. You can read all product descriptions, specs, features, and customer reviews through the various links I have provided on this page.

Embossing Stamp Cons: 

You can read all reviews both good and bad through the links provided here.

More Embossing Stamp options
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personal library book embosser


This embossing stamp is the personal library book embosser. Get a professional yet personalized seal imprinted on your books or anywhere else you want it and without paying too much for it. Check out this one or browse through a variety of other styles of embossing stamps by clicking the image seen here.

martha stewart crafts embossing starter kit


This is an entire embossing kit that comes with most of what you see in this picture. This is the Martha Stewart brand of embossing starter kit. It comes with 17 clear stamps, 3 embossing powders, 1 embossing stamp pad, and an acrylic stamp mount. Unfortunately, it does not come with the embossing heating tool that you see in the picture. That is the Martha Stewart embossing heating tool that is sold separately. You can get it from this same source though. Click the picture for more details on this starter kit and to find more information about the embossing heating tool as well.

zapo embossing heat gun


This is not an embossing stamp necessarily, but it is an embossing heating tool used for various types of crafts. It is relatively inexpensive and can come in handy in many different ways throughout it’s lifetime. A good tool to have lying around if you are a very crafty person. They call this the Zap embossing heat tool. You can use the built in stand to have it stand upright on the table top without having worry about where to set it down when it’s hot. It will warm up to approximately 650 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 350 degrees Celsius. Read more about this exact heating tool, or browse through many other similar products by clicking the image of the Zap heating tool you see here.

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