Extending Dining Table

extending dining table

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Extending dining table options vary greatly. The dining table shown above is a unique concept and is a hot seller. However, there are many other options besides the one shown above. Browse through all available extending dining tables through the following link:
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The extending dining table shown above is the Fruitwood 3 piece table. Rather than use a table leaf that the splits the table in the middle, this table is a smaller table that attaches to 2 end tables, one on each end.  The smaller table top also flips out for extra extension. You can go from a table small enough to be a basic card table, and expand it to seat 8 people.  See more images and details through the following link:
…More details about the extending dining tables here!


Pros: Great positive customer reviews to read through.  Available in oak or Fruitwood. Saves space and has a multitude of table style uses ranging from small use to large use. Shipping options are available to buy one online with ease.

Cons: Depending on your budget, you might consider these particular extending dining tables expensive. But they are around 200 to 300 dollars depending on the exact one you pick. However, compared to some fancy kitchen tables, that is not too expensive. Some customers reported shipping damage. Read all reviews good and bad through any of the links found on this page.



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