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ez goal hockey backstop

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EZ Goal Backstop Hockey Net

The EZ goal hockey net is a great benefit to road hockey players. Not only does it cut down on the amount of balls and pucks being chased down, but it also eliminates the fear of broken windows and garage doors.
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Backstop and corner targets are included with the regulation sized net. Regulation size is 4’ x 6’. The strong material to make up the mesh is durable enough to handles super hard shots from pucks and balls, and is weather resistant enough to have it outside for long stretches of time.

The EZ goal setup collapses and folds for easy transport and storage. You can play with or without the backstop. The backstop connects to the EZ goal via wing nuts that are simple to loosen and tighten. The four targets (as seen in the image to the left) are basically just mesh bags or nets that catch the balls and pucks when you hit the target accurately. 

The backstop spans 10 feet wide. When playing within a reasonable distance of the net, it should take very horrible accuracy to miss it completely. Hitting the backstop with your shot, will bounce the puck or ball back outwards, so you will spend less time retrieving. Store the EZ Goal net away in the garage all spring while taking up very little space against the side wall. In the winter, you can load it up easily in the back of the truck to head down to the outdoor rink!

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ezgoal hockey folding net


This is the EZgoal fold away hockey net. It won’t help you out very much when it comes to saving garage doors and windows if your aim is bad, however it is a decent hockey net that folds away for very easy storage. The dimensions are regulation size of 72″ wide and 48″high. Read more details about this net and others, or learn how to buy them by clicking the picture of the net seen here. There will also find other EZ goal net options including practice lacrosse nets with wide backstops.

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