Fifth Wheel Hitches

Fifth Wheel Hitch by the Curt brand

check price of the Curt fifth wheel hitches here.

The 5th Wheel Hitch (sometimes spelled “fifth wheel hitch”) comes in a variety of styles and cost ranges depending on the vehicle you are strapping it to, and the amount of weight you need to haul.
The one shown here is just an example. Browse all 5th wheel hitch options through the following link:
Browse All 5th Wheel Hitch options here.

I chose to show this one here simply due to the great positive customer reviews, and the fact that this exact hitch ships internationally in most cases.
This 5th wheel hitch is the Curt Manufacturing 16K 5Th Wheel Unit.
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Plenty of good reviews to read through. Do that through the various links on this page. Built well by a trusted brand. Ships internationally in most cases. Most customers seemed very happy about the ease of hitching and unhitching. 


The best thing to do for this type of complex product, is to read through the reviews good and bad, read all product descriptions, and be your own judge. Do that through the links provided on this page.

reese tower power fifth wheel hitch

Shown here is is the Reese Tower Power Pro Series hitch. This one is a bit more costly than the Curt bran hitch above. However, you do get what you pay for, and the positive customer feedback on this particular fifth wheel hitch is quite positive. This hitch is designed for self latching, and features a pivoting head that can pivot in all four directions by up to 5 degrees. This pivoting action helps to make it easier for hooking up. The mounting kit is included and the shipping is free. Click the image for much more information.


This version here is known as a gooseneck mount. Obviously, this would be for a gooseneck setup. This is one of the available rail mounted gooseneck hitches available from the Curt brand. You can read a lot more details and pricing information about this one here or others by clicking the image.


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