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fireman sam toys

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Fireman Sam Toys

You can find many Fireman Sam Toys or Fireman Sam episode DVDs online.

If your kids are anything like mine, you are annoyed as heck by this show, but at the same time willing to pull out the wallet for their happiness.

You can get Fireman Sam episode DVDs, the Neptune Vehicle and various other toys and accessories. There is a lot of stuff to browse:
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More Fireman Sam Toys
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fireman sam set 5 figures


You can purchase individual figurines of the entire cast of the Fireman Sam cartoon show. Seen here is an entire set of 5 figurines all sold together. As you can see here, this is Sam, Penny, Nurse Flood, Norman Price and Tom. Read more about these and learn how you can buy these today by clicking the image seen here.

aeromax fire power super soaking fire hose backpack


This is an example of a toy you can actually physically use in the backyard. This is an actual working fire hose attached to a backpack. This is the Aeromax fire power super soaking fire hose with the backpack. It will shoot and spray water up to 30 feet. It is not officially a Fireman Sam product, but it is perfect for any kid who likes to pretend to be a fireman. Click the image for a lot more details about this and other similar firefighting toys.

fireman sam jupiter fire engine


This is the officially licensed Fireman Sam Jupiter fire engine with an extendable ladder. You can open the door and unwind the hose. It does not come with the Fireman Sam figurines, however, it is specifically designed to the right size scale to accommodate figurines that you can buy separately. Click the image of the fire engine shown here for more product details and to browse through a whole host of other Fireman Sam toys and play sets.

jumbo fireman sam 4-in-1 shaped floor jigsaw puzzles


If you are looking for a more simplistic option for a younger Fireman Sam fan, you could take a look at something like this set of jigsaw puzzles. This is a box that includes 4 different simple shaped puzzles for a young child. These Fireman Sam themed puzzles include four different rescue vehicles from the hit TV show. The puzzle piece count is different for each one for varying difficulty levels and to keep things interesting. They include an 8 piece, 10 piece, 12 piece, and a 14 piece puzzle. Read more about these Fireman Sam puzzles or buy one today by clicking the picture of the box shown here.

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