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flight cases

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Flight Cases

Whatever type of equipment you need to travel with, and no matter the size, you can find a Flight Case the right size for your needs.

The flight case I am showing here is just one example that is among the highest in customer review ratings. You can browse through them all and find your dimensions through the following link:
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As I mentioned, the one shown here is only an example. This Flight Case is the Odyssey Flight Zone Universal 1200 Style Dj Turntable Case. Great for DJ equipment.
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Flight Case Pros: 

A lot of different sizes and dimensions of flight case from this source to browse through. This particular one has great positive reviews and comments.

Flight Case Cons: 

Obviously, this exact one may not be what you need, so you will need to browse through the others. Some of the best quality flight cases tend to be quite expensive, which depends on your budget.

More Flight Cases
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8 space gear rack flight case


This example is a bit larger. This is an 8 space black musician’s gear flight case. It is a solid fiber board construction, and the frame is welded for extra strength and durability. The corners are reinforced for added strength. Find more details about this one or browse through many other flight cases by clicking the image you see here.

seismic audio 12 space rack flight case


Now we get into the higher end of quality and therefore cost. These are more expensive but the customer reviews are fairly decent. This is the 12 space rack case with a slant mixer top and casters road case. This particular flight case weighs approximately 67 pounds when unused and empty. Of course, flight cases and road cases of this larger size, come with installed wheels for easy mobility. Two of the four caster wheels can be locked in place using the locking mechanism. Click the image of this flight case for a whole bunch more information about this one or to browse through various other large sized flight cases offered by this source. You will also find plenty of customer comments to help you make a sound buying decision.

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