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foam hands

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Foam Hands

One example of Foam Hands available, are the ones you see here. You can find these and many other foam hands, including mini foam fingers, or the Facebook like button foam hands, through the following link:
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The example of Foam Hands shown here is the Foam number one hands, which is a generic version. You can search this source for all different kinds.
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Foam Hands Pros: 

Trusted reliable source. These ones are generic, but you can click through and browse many other foam hands and fingers.

Foam Hands Cons: 

Not too many customer reviews to read through, which may not be an indication of something bad, but it does limit buying information. Read all product descriptions carefully.

More Foam Hands options
Clickable Images

facebook like foam hands

This one is a foam hand that allows you to give a Facebook styled like to anything you want in the real world. People who buy these like to put on these giant foam hands and take pictures of themselves in front of things that they like. It looks funny and ridiculously silly. The dimensions are roughly 14 inches by 14 inches, which should give you a rough idea of the large size. See some examples of pictures people have taken with these, or read more details about the product  by clicking the image of it you see here. There, you will also be able to find various other Facebook themed products.

 miley cyrus twerk foam finger vma dance


If you are up on your pop culture, you may recognize this as the foam finger similar to the one that was used by Miley Cyrus during a controversial performance at the VMAs. She danced provocatively with this foam hand in an attempt to launch herself from child star to adult star. This foam hand is 18 inches in height from the wrist to the tip of the finger, and is about 8 inches wide going the other direction. See more about this product and other similar foam hands and fingers by clicking the image of the white foam hand seen here.

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