Folding Chair Covers


folding chair covers

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Folding Chair Covers

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The Folding Chair Covers you see on this page are great for covering up the ugly chairs at a wedding. It’s a great technique that has been used for years. These are sold as 10 packs, and are specifically designed for wedding receptions.
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Folding Chair Covers Pros: 

As of the time of me writing this review, the customer feedback is currently 100 percent positive.

Folding Chair Covers Cons: 

As I said in the pros above, the reviews were all positive, so I could not find anything negative to bring to the table. You can read all reviews and product details on this specific product, or other chair covers by clicking through any of the links on this page.

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duck solid folding slipcover chair


This is a form fitting style of slipcover that will fit over most standard sized folding chairs of any kind. The example shown here is the beige linen version, but it also comes in a natural white, and a rich black. You can select your choices upon ordering online. These do not come in packs, so you would need to order them individually. The design is stitched in a way that makes these cover the chair and fit to the chair’s shape. Click the image of the chair you see here to find a lot more details about this type of folding chair covers, or to browse through various other cover options.

organza sah folding chair covers


Some of the folding chair covers from this source come equipped with sashes and other decorations and accessories. However, most of them do not. In the case of the ones that don’t, you can get these separately sold sashes and bows to add decoration the the chair. Between the folding chair covers and the extra sash and bow, you can transform a standard ugly folding chair into a high class seat for any wedding or banquet. You can see that the one pictured here is pink, but you can browse through almost 30 other colors. Click the image to see all the available colors, and to browse through many other chair decorating accessories and ideas.

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