Freddy Krueger Sweaters


freddy krueger sweaters

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This is only one example of available Freddy Krueger Sweaters. You can find many others, as well as the masks and gloves to make up the entire Nightmare On Elm Street villain costume through the following link:
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The example of Freddy Krueger Sweaters depicted on this page is the Nightmare On Elm Street Deluxe Freddy Sweater. This is an actual officially licensed sweater by the Nightmare On Elm Street corporation, so it looks very authentic to the movie.
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Officially licensed so it is authentic. The customer reviews are largely to the good side. You can find others besides the exact one you see here from the same source, as well as all the other accessories to complete the costume.


I always try to find legitimate negatives to each product on this site. It was pretty tricky to find any glaring issues with this exact example of Freddy Krueger Sweaters. All I can say, is it may be a bit on the costly side for one piece of a costume, but that depends on your budget.

miss krueger costume

As usual, when it comes to costumes, no matter what the costume is based on, it never fails that you will find a sexy female version of the costume. This here is the Miss Krueger costume complete with the Freddy Krueger styled dress that is similar in style to his striped sweater, the hat, and one slicing fingers glove. The slashes on the dress as seen in this image are also pre-made that way.

You will get everything pictured here except for her boots. See more angles, and read more about these costumes and other similar supplies by clicking this image of the girl.


freddy chest of souls sweater

You can also get more elaborate with your Freddy costume design with a Freddy Krueger chest of souls sweater like this one. The chest piece is attached to the Freddy Krueger sweater. This does not include anything else seen in this image, but you can get the hat, face mask, and glove from the same source but sold separately. Click this creepy image for more information.

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