Frigidaire Wine Cooler

frigidaire wine cooler

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The Frigidaire wine cooler you see in the image above is on the more costly side. You can see more information about this wine cooler or many other wine coolers from the Frigidaire brand and others by clicking through the following link:
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This Frigidaire wine cooler depicted here is a 38 bottle wine cooler. This is a stainless steel, free standing wine cooler with two separate temperature zones. This means you can keep bottles in two completely different temperature zones. See more details, images, and pricing information through the following link:
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Pros: Two separate temperature zones in this particular wine cooler model. Many other wine cooler options from this source. Customer feedback ratings lean mostly to the good side.

Cons: Customer review ratings are mostly positive, however there are not a lot of them. One thing that was pointed out was the fact that the shelves may tip over easily if pulled out around half way.



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