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Furi knives

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Furi Knives

Furi Knives come in several unique styles and models. The knife on this page is just one example. Explore other Furi knife options through the following link:
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The example of Furi Knives shown here is from the Rachael Ray line. It’s the 7″ Edgy Santoku Knife. Check out more about this one or other similar knives through this link:
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Furi Knives Pros:

 Pretty good customer reviews. Read them all through any link on this page. Good weight to it, and comfortable to hold.

Furi Knives Cons: 

As of the writing of this, I couldn’t find too much in the way of negative aspects. You can read through the reviews on your own and read all product descriptions to make an informed decision.

More Furi Knives
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rachael ray gusto grip furi knives


This example is a 3 knife set of Furi knives by the Rachael Ray selection of knives. It comes with what you see in this image. They feature the orange gusto grip handles and they are places snugly inside the shown container. The handle grip is designed with a reverse cut out to allow for a sturdy grip without worrying about slippage when your hands are wet or oily. The 3 knives are different in their own way. The kit includes a 4 inch pairing knife, a 5 inch serrated knife, and a 6 inch Santoku knife with a nice thin blade. Read more details about this set of knives, or browse through other similar Furi knives and accessories by clicking the image of the kit you see here.

furi ozitech diamond fingers pro knife sharpener


Once you get your Furi knives you will need a way to sharpen and maintain them lest you let them go dull and unusable. Here you can see the Furi Ozitech diamond fingers pro knife sharpener. The sharpening fingers are actually diamond coated for great sharpening. You can fold this whole thing up for easy storage, and whip it out in a hurry to sharpen up your tool. Read more details about this sharpener and how to use it, by clicking the image of the Furi knife sharpener seen here.

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