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gate locks

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Gate Locks

Here I am only showing one type of Gate Locks available from this source. This one is a manual locking and unlocking mechanism. I picked this one due to great customer reviews, but there so many other types you can take a look at through the following link:
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As I said, the example of gate locks shown here is an automatic gate locking and unlocking mechanism with a high amount of good customer reviews that you can read through. This one is the Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Locks. This can be opened manually with key, activated by security codes by push button, or set up for sensory detection.
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Gate Locks Pros: 

Again, I will mention the great customer reviews on this exact gate lock kit. Many other gate locks to browse through besides the set shown here.

Gate Locks Cons: 

As with anything else, you get what you pay for, and in this case, for the higher quality gate locking mechanisms, you would have to be willing to spend. Some of these gate locks can get quite pricey. Some of the heavier duty gate locks may require some technical setup. If you are not experienced in this area, you may be required to find or hire someone to help you get it all installed.

More Gate Locks options
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stanley latch gate locks


This is a gate lock from the Stanley brand. They call this the Stanley lock and latch deluxe. Relatively simple to install as it only requires one hole to be drilled in the post. Designed with materials that won’t rust, and it will stand up to any weather conditions and last a very long time. You can use the key to lock and unlock from either side, and you can open the latch from either side of the gate. Click the image for more specifications and installation instructions. You will also be able to read many customer review comments, and browse through other similar gate locks and accessories.

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