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medelco glass teapot
check price of the medelco glass teapots here.

Many styles are available for the Glass Teapot concept, not just the one you see here. Take a look at many other styles and costs by clicking the following link:
Browse all glass teapots here.

The Glass Teapot shown here has a lot of great customer feed back that you can read through for yourself. Overwhelmingly positive reviews. This Glass Teapot is the Medelco 12-Cup Glass Stove top Whistling Kettle. You can use it on any stove type:
Read more about them, or buy them here.


As mentioned, you can use this particular teapot on either gas or electric stove tops. It is also dishwasher safe. The customer reviews are very positive and very helpful. Read through them following the links on this page.


 Some people have reported that the handle on this particular product is sub par and there were some issues to that effect. It is helpful to read through the customer reviews both good and bad on not only this exact teapot, but on the others as well. You can do that through the various links I have provided on this page.


glass teapot with infuser

This one is a handmade glass teapot from Grosche Monaco. It also includes an infuser to make loose leaf tea. You can put anything you want for flavor in the infuser. You can use this with or without the infuser depending on your preferences and the situation. The teapot itself is  1250 ml 42 fluid ounce capacity. Although this is glass, it is very durable to stand up to high enough heats to handle your tea with no problems.

Click on the image of this glass teapot to find more camera angles, and to read more about it and how to buy one today. You will also be able to read through customer comments and ratings.


hario chacha kyusu maru glass teapot

This is another glass teapot that includes an infuser for loose leaf tea brewing. The capacity is roughly 700 ml so it is smaller thatn the one talked about above, therefore it is much cheaper as well. They call this one the Hario Chacha Kyusu Maru Tea Pot.

These are imported from Japan, and they are designed to be very sinple to clean and use. Click the image of this teapot to find a lot more details and camera angles.

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