Gore Tex Jacket

gore tex jacket black red

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Gore-Tex is a material that is specially designed to be water resistant yet breathable at the same time. Many different brands and makers of jackets use the Gore-Tex fabric to make their jackets. The Gore Tex Jacket you see above is just one example of what is available. Check out all Gore-Tex Jackets by clicking through the following link:
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Like I mentioned above, the pictured Gore Tex Jacket is one example of many. This one is the Gore bike wear men’s path jacket. This is the black jacket, but this style also comes in red.  This one features a Napoleon pocket, an adjustable collar, and many other features. See more images, pricing info, and more details through the following link:
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This Gore Tex Jacket has a Guarantee to keep you dry. I chose to feature this particular Gore Tex Jacket because of the good amount of positive reviews. Comes in different styles. Many others are available if this is not the one for you.


 Not a lot of negative reviews to report, though one customer mentioned that the breathable material was not fully adequate, and this jacket should have been designed to be more ventilated. Read all reviews good and bad through the product links on this page.




They call this one the Propper black Gore-Tex rain jacket. These are great for any wet environment, which includes both rain and snow, and they have drawstrings for extra tightness when you need it. It also has the zip in style of hoodie. The zippers throughout the jacket are specially designed to be waterproof. Read more about this jacket, and check out all the customer review comments by clicking the picture of this jacket seen here.

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