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grease costumes

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Grease Costumes

Whether you need a Halloween costume, or theatrical costume, you can find all Grease Costumes by clicking the following link:
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Although all kinds of Grease Costumes and accessories are available, the one depicted here happens to be among the highest in positive customer ratings. This is one example of the classic Pink Ladies outfits.
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Grease Costumes Pros: 

Lots of decent customer reviews for this particular item. The availability of a wide selection of Grease Costumes and accessories can all be found at this one location online.

Grease Costumes Cons: 

Always measure your body carefully before buying clothing online. It can sometimes be a tricky process.

More Grease Costumes
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mens fifties thunderbird grease costume jacket


For the guys, you can find various types and sizes of greaser jackets like the ones shown here. These ones are a fifties style of Thunderbird jacket. Get these for men or children as you can see in the image. Put on the jacket and flip up the collar. Read more about these and other grease costume options by clicking the image of the image you see here.

grease danny wig


Shown here is a wig you can get to look just like Danny from grease. Of course you can also get wigs to look like all the other Grease characters from this same source. See more details about this wig, or browse through other Grease wigs by clicking the image of the Danny wig seen here.

bad sandy grease costume


They call this Grease costume the Bad Sandy version. This of course depicts Sandy near the end of the film. This is a 3 piece costume that includes the skin tight pants, the off the shoulder shirt, and the belt. All 3 pieces are black. You can complete the ensemble by buying the shoes, jacket, and earrings separately from the same source. Click the image of bad Sandy for a lot more details about this one or other Grease costumes.

grease good sandy adult costume


Since I showed you the Bad Sandy above, I might as well show the opposite costume. This here is the Good Sandy costume. If you prefer the version of Sandy as she was before her transition, then maybe this costume is more your style. See more details about this costume and many other Grease costumes and accessories by clicking the image of Good Sandy you see here.

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