Halogen Floor Lamps


halogen floor lamps

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Halogen Floor Lamps

The Halogen Floor Lamp you see to the left is just one good sample of what you can get from this source. I picked this one due to good customer review ratings. Check out all available Halogen Floor Lamp options here.
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This Halogen Floor Lamp is the Normande Lighting 71-1/4-Inch 150-Watt Incandescent Torchiere Floor Lamp. Good customer reviews.
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Halogen Floor Lamp Pros:

 Nice and bright. Good quality for the price. Plenty of positive reviews that you can read for yourself.

Halogen Floor Lamp Cons: 

One customer noticed that the bulb was showing above the lamp shade, and because of that, they decided to return it. You can read all reviews good and bad through the links you see on this page,

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kendal lighting floor lamp


This floor lamp allows for a bit more flexibility, literally. It includes a flexible piece at the upper end of the lamp stem that can be adjust to the position of your liking. The height works out to 42 inches from the base at the floor up to the flexible positioning arm. The positioning arm is an additional 21 inches. The on and off switch is a toggle switch on the side of the lamp stem. Click the image of this floor lamp to find a lot more product specifications and to read customer review comments.

swing arm halogen floor lamps bronze


This here is a classic style of floor lamp with the swing arm feature. This is the swing arm halogen floor lamp. The arm will extend up to 18 inches, but you probably won’t use every inch in normal use. Not only does the arm swing and adjust, but also the lamp stem can be easily adjusted vertically. It has an adjustable mechanism that allows you to extend the stem upwards or downwards to your exact liking. Between the vertical stem adjustment feature and the adjustable swing arm, chances are you will be able to get the lamp lighting you need, exactly the way you need it, whenever you need it. The floor lamp shown here is the oil brushed bronze version, but this exact lamp also comes in satin chrome. See both version, more product details, and read customer review comments by clicking the image of the bronze floor lamp seen here.

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