Halti Harness


Halti harness

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Halti Harness

The Halti Harness is a great solution to issues related to the regular collar leash combination.

For one thing, the Halti Harness helps to prevent the pulling around the throat. Particularly in smaller dogs. Constant tugging on the throat and neck area by a collar can lead to damage to the trachea.

The other benefit to the Halti Harness is in the way the harness is designed for training purposes. When your dog pulls on the leash, the chest portion of the harness guides the dog gently back.
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Halti is just one of many brands that makes these no pull dog harnesses. You can find a wide variety of them. I chose this one because of the decent customer reviews.
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More Halti Harness options
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halti head harness


This is a Halti harness known as a head collar harness. Made for the same purposes as the above discussed Halti harness, but uses a bit of a different strategy. This one goes over the face and head area for a no pull experience. Read the product description on this one by clicking the image of the dog you see here. They come in 3 different standard sizes including small, medium, and large. Each size is a general size that can then be adjusted further for a more custom fit to your exact dog. Therefore, there is a perfect fit for any dog size.

color coded message dog harness


Another cool dog harness idea is this concept pictured here. These are color coded dog harnesses that display a message depending on the nature or situation of your dog. In the chart you see here, you will find 9 different color coded dog harnesses with distinct messages. If you can not read them very well in this image, they say (From left to right, and top to bottom), caution (pink harness), no dogs (not good with other dogs orange), friendly (green harness), deaf dog (white, self explanatory harness), training (blue harness), adopt me (yellow harness), working (dark blue harness), nervous (bright yellow harness), blind dog (white harness). These are all no pull styled dog harnesses that are a great way to avoid problems and misunderstandings with humans and other pets. Find any size for your dog and read more about these dog harnesses by clicking the image you see here.

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