Heat Resistant Paint


heat resistant paint

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Heat Resistant Paint

The Heat Resistant Paint depicted here is just one example of brands and types available from this source. Find the right heat resistant paint for your needs through the following link:
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This is an automotive version of the Rustoleum line of heat resistant paint options. A heat rating of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Other heat resistant paints are available besides this one.
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Heat Resistant Paint Pros: 

Many types and brands of heat resistant paint are available aside from the one shown here. This source has a great selection to find the right one for your needs. I picked out this one because of the high amount of positive customer review ratings. Available in a variety of colors.

Heat Resistant Paint Cons:

 Like I said, the reviews on this heat resistant paint shown here, are vastly positive. However, one customer has made a comment that the can that was suppose to be red, actually came out orange. I am not sure if this is a flaw of the product, or if the customer ordered the wrong one. You can read all reviews on this one and other through the links provided on this page.

More Heat Resistant Paint options
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krylon high heat radiator paint spray


A popular competing brand of special use paints is the Krylon brand. Shown here is the Krylon high heat and radiator aerosol spray paint. This is good for up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. Dries to the touch in 15 minutes, and completely dry to handle in about approximately an hour. The paint provides a heat resistant paint coating and also protects against rust. The one depicted here is the white version, but you can also order it in black and aluminum. Upon ordering, you will also find the option to buy them as individual spray cans, or as 6 packs to save money in bulk. These are 12 ounce cans of paint. Ideal for coating metals in high heat scenarios. Find more details about this high heat spray paint and many other heat resistant paint options by clicking the picture of the can you see here.

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