Heated Motorcycle Gloves


heated motorcycle gloves

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Heated Motorcycle Gloves

Heated Motorcycle Gloves can be found in various forms. You can find them in standard glove style versions, or longer versions that go partially up the arm. Although, the gloves that go up the arm are technically not “motorcycle gloves”, they are for mechanics, but they would work well for terrible weather while riding.
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The heated motorcycle gloves shown on this page here are the Firstgear brand “warm and safe” motorcycle gloves. Not too many customer reviews to report at this time, but little there is seems rather positive.

These black Firstgear gloves are designed to be thick enough to keep your hands warm, while at the same time, they allow for mobility and dexterity needed to handle the gears.

These motorcycle gloves are heated by plugging a charger into the adapters attached to the gloves. You can plug them in and take advantage of the heating mechanism, or just wear them as is, and they function as a decent pair of gloves without the fancy heater.

They plug into a special heating jacket that can also be purchased separately.
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More Heated Gloves options
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valuerays usb heated gloves


These shown here are infrared USB heated gloves. Probably not all that practical for common outdoor use, as you do require continuous USB charging for these to stay warm. These are a standard combination of mitten and glove that you have probably seen before. Obviously with the difference that they include a heating element in each one. The main use of these gloves is for people who get cold fingers while typing on the computer, or work in an overly air conditioned office space. You could use them outdoors in theory if you have a portable device that will provide you with USB access on the go. You need to warm up each one individually, as they each have their own set of powering cords and elements. Find more details and customer review comments by clicking the image of the mittens you see pictured here.

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