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heated socks

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Heated Socks

There are a few different ways to experience the luxury of heated socks. Whether you get cold feet at night, or you spend a lot of time outdoors in less than desirable temperatures, you have many heated choices. You can get heated socks that are like regular socks but with a pouch for a heating pack insert. Another option is battery operated. You can also get socks that are heated in the microwave.

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The image on the left shows heated socks that use an insert that you place inside the pouch of the sock. They come in different sizes, and are made available for both men and women. Of all the heated socks options available, I found these ones to have the most positive customer reviews, but you can decide for yourself.

More Heated Socks options
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heatsox battery operated heated socks


These are the Heatbox brand black and grey battery operated heated socks. These are crew sock styled with heavyweight cushioning. Very good for hiking and any other outdoor use. The material is a wool and nylon mixture. The battery provides a low volt heating charge, and there is absolutely no danger of electric shock. You can use these in any weather conditions. These use 4 AA batteries, which is great because this is a common type of battery, nothing special. You will have the option of two different heat settings. The batteries will last for around 6 hours on the high heat setting, and approximately 8 hours on the lower heat setting. The customer reviews are somewhat mixed with these exact heated socks, but you can check out these and others available for online purchase from this same source. Click the image of the battery operated socks shown here for more product details and to browse through a variety of other heated sock options.

firstgear heated socks


These heated socks are by the Firstgear brand and they are designed with the motorcyclist in mind, however, you could use them in other outdoor ways. Mostly just heats up your toes. Does not adequately provide heat anywhere else. Read more about how these ones work and read customer review comments by clicking the picture of these Firstgear heated socks you see here.

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