Helium Balloons


helium balloons

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Helium Balloons

Helium Balloons sold individually, in packages, or as kits that include the helium tanks themselves, can all be found through the following link:
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The Helium Balloons kit shown here, is the Balloon Time kit that includes 30 helium quality balloons, and a helium tank. I bought this product myself to fill up my Remote Control Air Shark, which is another product on this site in the toys and games section. It worked great, and the helium balloons were just extra for me:
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Helium Balloons Pros: 

This kit includes everything you need for a party. Many other helium balloons are available from the same source. Click through the links on this page to see all available styles of helium balloons.

Helium Balloons Cons:

 I can’t think of any negative comment on something as vague and common as “helium balloons”. Feel free to read through all the customer reviews good and bad of all the options by clicking the links on this page.

More Helium Balloons options
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assorted color helium balloons


If you just need a generic pack of bulk balloons that can be filled with helium, you can find assorted colored balloon packs like the ones depicted in this image. This particular set actually includes 144 balloons sized 11 inches. The image here is just to demonstrate the various colors included in package. Find more details about this pack of balloons or see other similar packages by clicking the images of the balloons you see here.

giant latex spiral helium balloons


For a more interesting and goofy type of helium balloon are the spiral balloons you see here. These are the giant latex rubber helium spiral balloons. They say these are made for wedding parties, but of course you could use them for whatever you want. I think most kids would love to have these at their birthday party. They are safe to be used with helium, but you could just blow them up the good old fashioned way as well. These are approximately a meter or so after they are blown up. You will get a package that includes 50 assorted colors including green, orange, red, pink and more. The colors in the package are randomized, as you will not be able to select your desired colors. Click the image of these spiral balloons to find more details about these ones or to browse through a variety of other similar helium balloons.

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