Hello Kitty Puzzle

Hello Kitty Puzzle

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The Hello Kitty Puzzle comes in a variety of sizes and quantities of puzzle pieces. The one shown above is a pack of 3 wood puzzles, but many other Hello Kitty Puzzles are available by clicking through the following link:
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As mentioned above, this is a set of three wooden Hello Kitty Puzzles from the Sanrio brand. They are perfect for small children and have a high customer review rating. They fit perfectly inside the box they come in for easy storage.  See more images, product descriptions, and read all reviews through the following link:
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Pros: Mostly good reviews that you can read through on your own. Relatively decent cost considering you get three different puzzle designs. The fact that they are made from real wood makes them very sturdy, which is a good quality in any product made for small children.

Cons: The images are pasted on paper rather than images being printed directly to the wood. This may lead to the paper images gradually becoming ruined over time. Some people have reported that the pieces may need to be “worked in” a bit when it is brand new. You can read all product descriptions and read all reviews through the links on this page.



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