Honeywell Scanner

honeywell scanner

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Seen above is one version of a Honeywell scanner. See more about these scanners, or other versions and brands through the following link:
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The Honeywell scanner depicted above is the Honeywell Voyager bar code Reader with USB Host Interface. I only selected this one out of the bunch because it has the most positive customer reviews that you can read through any link on this page. This is a USB connected handheld device that comes with a stand for stationary use.  Simply use the trigger to to activate the bar code reading laser technology.  Read more about this particular Honeywell scanner or others through the following  link:
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Pros: This version of the Honeywell scanner has mostly positive reviews. Software is reportedly simple to install. Relatively inexpensive. Comes with a stand.

Cons: Some people apparently got a different model of Honeywell scanner than they expected from this source. I am not sure if this is due to a shipping error, or if the customer did not read the descriptions carefully. Be sure to read all descriptions and customer reviews on this model and others from this source before ordering. You can do all of that by clicking through any of the links on this page.



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