Huffy Green Machine


huffy green machine

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Huffy Green Machine

The Huffy Green Machine is made in more sizes and colors besides the one shown here, including a pink version. See all Huffy Green Machine versions through the following link:
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The Huffy Green Machine you see here is the 16 inch version good for kids up to 80 lbs. This means that the large wheel is 16 inches in diameter. There is a larger size as well that can be suitable for both kids and adults. See more images and product details through the following link:
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Huffy Green Machine Pros: 

A variety of styles to select from ranging from children to adults. Good customer reviews on this exact machine.

Huffy Green Machine Cons: 

Might not ship to you outside of the U.S. Check product details for shipping information.

More Huffy Green Machine options
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huffy green machine 20 inch pink


The Huffy Green machine also comes in pink and black. It’s still the Huffy “green machine” except it’s not green. Very similar to the one talked about above, but other than the color difference, this one is the 20 inch version, so it is a bit bigger. The 20 inches number refers to the size of the large front pneumatic wheel. The plastic rear wheels are nice and wide for great stability, and combined with the low to the ground design, these are very safe and secure for kids of any age. Click the image of the pink Huffy machine shown here for more details about this one and other similar Huffy products.

ezyroller ultimate riding machine


Shown here is not a Huffy machine, but it is another cool option for kids to ride around. This is the Ezyroller ultimate riding machine. This is the red version, but you can also get these in blue or pink. The Ezyroller also happens to be a top seller from this source. Tons of positive customer reviews, as these tend to be safe, and the kids really seem to enjoy them. Very easy to assemble and ride. You can set it up out of the box in around 5 minutes or less. They can be adjusted to accommodate the growth of the child from age 4 to 40, which means plenty of fun for adults too. You can hang on tight, or ride hands free. Great gift idea for your kids or grand kids. See more camera angles and demonstrations, as well as more product details by clicking the image of the riding kids you see here.

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