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isotoner slippers

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Isotoner Slippers

Isotoner Slippers are relatively inexpensive, and come in various designs and styles. You can get them with or without backs.

What makes Isotoner Slippers unique from other types of slippers is the Isotoner patented soft insoles.

Isotoner Slippers come with or without enclosure backings. They have very comfortable Isotoner insoles. Also, they are available in many designs and sizes.

The image to the left shows the full back enclosed design black version. I chose to show this one here because of the massive amounts of positive amazon reviews, but you can browse the many different types and decide for yourself.
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Isotoner Slippers Pros: 

Tremendous amount of positive reviews on this exact version. The price is also reasonable for a highly regarded product.

Isotoner Slippers Cons: 

While the customer feed back ratings are overwhelmingly to the upside on these particular slippers, there was a couple comments noting that some of the sizing was a bit off for those of you with borderline sizes. So if you are a 9.5 or some other in between foot size, you may need to consider getting the size on the larger side of the scale. You can read all product descriptions and customer reviews and jusge for yourself.


More Isotoner Slipper options
Clickable Images

isotoner slipper clog


Shown here is a clog style of the Isotoner slippers. As you can see, the one pictured here is black. These also come taupe, white, bonney blue, peony, utraviolet, denim, pink, blue, violet, denim blue, peony pink, and bright blue. The clog style simply means you will not have the ankle back support, but it also makes them quick and easy slip on slippers. See more about these slippers, how to buy them, or browse through the various styles by clicking the image of the Isotoner clog slippers you see here.

isotoner womens faux fur chunky slipper bootie


This one is basically a combination of a bootie and a slipper, hence why they call this the Isotoner women’s  faux-fur chunky slipper bootie. Notice that the faux fur means the fur is not real, so you can take comfort in that if you are an animal lover. You can machine wash these just fine. They come in the black version you see pictured here, or you can also get them in buckskin or chocolate. Click the image of the Isotoner slipper bootie shown here to find more details an these and other similar slippers as well as how to buy them online.

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