Leather Coasters


leather coasters

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Leather Coasters

Leather Coasters Sets come in a variety of different styles. Whatever style suits your home’s decor the best.
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Shown here is the Leather Coasters Set that has among the highest customer reviews and ratings. Of course you can brows all available sets and pick them out for yourself.

This Leather Coaster in particular comes as a 4 pack with a stand for storage and display. However, these are not entirely leather. Just the inlay is real leather where you would rest your drink. The exterior is real solid wood. The Leather Coasters shown above has real leather inlays and real solid wood exterior for long lasting sturdiness. They come as a 4 pack and a nice display stand for storage. Other Leather Coasters are available as well.
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dacasso chocolate brown leather coaster set


This is a square shaped version of leather coasters. A set of 4 chocolate brown square leather coasters that include the square holder shown in image you see here. These are 4 inch squares with felt backing. Click the image of the square leather coasters you see here for more product details about these and how to buy them. You can also take a look at a bunch of other similar products made by the Dacasso brand.

dacasso black round leather coasters


This is another leather coaster set by Dacasso, but these ones are black and round. They are 4 inches round. They are accented by white stitching around the outer edge and as well as accenting the matching leather holder. Click the image of these leather coasters for a lot more details about these and other similar products. You will also find a bunch of customer review comments that you can read through.

ecodomo mahogany buffalo leather coasters


These 4 packs of natural leather coasters you see here are called EcoDomo mahogany natural leather coasters. They come in a variety of colors and patterns including the version seen here. They also come in chestnut buffalo, chestnut natural, ebony buffalo, ebony crocodile, mahogany buffalo, mahogany buffalo, mahogany crocodile, and mahogany rustic. The one shown here is the mahogany natural version. Very durable and easy to clean. See images of the version I mentioned, and a lot more product information by clicking the image of the leather coaster you see here.

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